tiziana sala


A native of Bari, she began her artistic studies in 1990, obtaining the Diploma in Art and in 1994 the Diploma of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari, decoration course , with the highest honors. In 1996 he attended the course "DeskTop Publishing and Multimedia Systems" at the En.A.I.P. Modugno (Ba) with a final score of 9,25 finishing second in the ranking. In 1997 she attended the course for the titles of "Managers of additional services in the field of Cultural Heritage", organized by Technopolis - Business creation of Valenzano (Ba) and financed by the European Fund.

She works as a teacher of graphic under the operational program "HORIZON" and as a consultant for the graphic SPEGEA School of Management. In 1998 she worked as a designer and for the collator En. A.I.P.- Puglia. It is committed in 1999 as part of the program "Psichenet" under the Ministry in 2000 as a lecturer and teaches how to serve a one- year alternate with technical drawing and art history at the Professional Institute "Raffaele Gorjux".

She collaborated artistically with various art associations and galleries for events, group exhibitions earning awards and judgments of art critics also attracting attention in the newspapers for information. The artist , in her research between matter and spirit, emboss Canvas feelings and sensations stimulated also by the issues addressed, releasing creativity among the finite physical nature finite and the infinite freedom of thought. You could define hes art a tangible manifestation that finds its truth in time and becomes or restlessness that drives every being beyound herself.